Creating Tasks

Each Workflow is an interconnected sequence of repeatable tasks. Once you identify a process that you need to make repeatable, you would next need to identify the tasks within the workflow that would need to be repeated. 

Within each workflow there is a workflow canvas. Below is how it would look initially - a blank canvas for you to build upon

To add a task within a workflow, you would have to click on the "Add New Task" button within the workflow. 

  • That should pop up a form, Fill all the columns - Name, description and select the color and logo as well. Select the kind of task - Normal/Info, Finally click "Add Task" at the end of the form to create the task.
HubSpot Video

While selecting a task you can also choose a particular color and icon. This is the color and icon that would appear in the field agents app - and are more of visual cues for them.