Adding Datatypes

How to use Data in workflow ? Here we are helping you with it!

1) Adding Text Data

Data 1

Here you can enter your customer's details in form of Text like mentioning their Name, Company name etc. In advance setting you can insert Tables if required from dataset that you have uploaded.


2) Adding Number Data

Data 2

Adding numbers will help you to add customer's Phone numbers etc, where you can set minimum numbers, maximum numbers and even decimals.


3) Adding Date Data

Data 3

Date data helps you to mark the activity performed dates in the calendar. Here additionally we have Date format and Time format to set while performing the task.


4) Adding File Data

Data 4

Adding File data is to attach any files like video, audio, bills etc. Dynamic variables can be used from dataset updated in the workflow and helps to compare the values. 


5) Adding Image Data

Data 5

Image data helps you to add images of selfie of the employee when they check-in in the fields, of take a snap of the goods after delivering etc. We have options to block uploading photos from gallery so that the agent can upload live photos through camera from the fields. Multiple image options with maximum number of photos can be updated. Dynamic variables option is also available here.


6) Adding Location Data

Data 6

When agents wants to perform this activity their live location will be captured. If they require any images like bills, location image, travelling expense etc, can be attached as file.


 7) Adding Scan Data

Data 7

Adding Scan data helps you to scan QR code if your field agents use it for delivery, service or other of your business requirements.


8) Adding Price Data

Data 8

Price data is useful in entering the price occurred in the Filed. You can enter minimum, maximum values and decimals can also be included.


9) Adding MCQ Data

Data 9

MCQ gives you options to choose and with options you can again create response conditions which helps you to choose options from the previously completed data.


10) Adding Drop-down Data

Data 10

Drop-down data has 2 options here.

1) Enable Comparison : This is to add and compare data from teams or dataset or by task which is updated in workflow. With this configuring options the dropdown options will be created

2) Customised Option : Here you can add your own values for dropdown.


11) Adding Email Data

Data 11

Email can be drafted and sent as an acknowledgement to the customers after the task is performed.


12) Adding Scale Data

Data 12

Scale data helps in providing ratings to the agents for their services by the customer when the task is performed.


13) Adding Attachment Data

Data 13

There is another field where you can attach required documents, videos, recordings etc.


14) Adding Sign Data

Data 14

Signature of the client can be included in this field if your business flow requires.


15) Adding Description Data

Data 15

In Description data you can add notes if required after performing the task.


16) Adding Contact Data

Data 16

Additional contacts if require in the task, this data will help you to add!


17) Adding Auto ID Data

Data 17

If unique ID has to be generated Auto ID will help. You can Add eg. Prefix  ABC, Suffix as 2 and the data will be ABC01 and for next recurring tasks will be as ABC02, ABC03.. so on.


18) Adding Formula Data

Data 18

Formula Data will be helpful if you want to sum up particular Task and the final output will be updated.


19) Adding SMS Data

Data 19

SMS data can be added if you want to set any OTP's while the field agents are performing tasks. Phone numbers can be added, contacts from task (contact data) or workflows can also be included.


20) Adding Link Record Data

Data 20

The data Link Record will help you to take data from a particular workflow and task and link the records. This is like a chain of data that updates the records based on previous actions.


21) Catalogue

Data 21

Catalogue option can be included based on the details uploaded in the workflow. Catalogue types options can be used here to select the workflow.