App Permissions

How to give App Permissions for Fieldproxy?

For Fieldproxy to properly track your activity, the App requires you to allow the following:

- Location (So that the App can record your location, helps your manager see the distance and route you have travelled.)

- Physical Activity (So that the App can properly record your halt points/ walking distance to more accurately calculate the distance travelled.)

-  Battery Optimization (So that the App doesn't get killed in the background, and it can accurately track your location at all times.)

  • Once you install and open the App it will ask you to select a language, Select the language of your preference and click on "Submit" on the bottom right corner of the page.
    Select Language
  • Once you're done with that, it should lead you to the login page. Enter the credentials given by your admin and login to continue.
  • After that comes the Apps permission page

    Apps Permissions
  • You need to enable all three - Location, Physical Activity and Battery Optimization to move forward. When you enable them, a green tick symbol will appear next to them indicating that the permission has been given.
  • Once all three are enabled, the "Next" button will be unblocked. You can click that to move forward.

That pretty much it, you should be good to use Fieldproxy without any hiccups. 

Hope this helped! If you have any further questions or if you face any issues, you can always write to us here.