The building blocks of Fieldproxy

Workflows are a set of processes that helps streamline your on field operations. 

You can think of workflows as a set of repetable activties that needs to be automated.

For e.g. you would want to know what time your field agent starts and finishes their work. And you would want to know this for every single day. There - you have identified a repetable process. Workflows help you set this up and automate it.

Another process may be a field service visit. You may also want your field technician to visit a list of customers. And when they visit a customer you want them to checkin, fill in a pre-work order, provide a proof of completion, checkout and then complete a customer feedback form. And you would want them to do the same for every single customer. There - you have identified another repeatable process that can be automated through a workflow. 

Creating Workflows

  • To create a workflow, first you need to click on the    button.
  • This will direct you to pre-existing workflow flow templates which our team has created based on in-demand used cases. You can either use one of the templates or you can create one from scratch.


  • For using any of the pre-existing templates you can select from any of the categories to narrow down on a specific industry and use case that may be most similar to what you do. 
  • Once you do that - you can see a quick preview of how it works. If you feel that it is similar to a process that you are looking to implement to manage your field team you can select it by hitting the "Use Me" button
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  • You may also choose to skip using any of the workflow templates and create something completely from scratch. If you want to create a workflow from scratch, then click on the    button.
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