Sales Dashboard

Understanding The Dashboard

SalesProxy has a lot going on with its real-time interactive dashboard. It has several interactive elements spread accross the board.

SalesProxy Dashboard

Let's take a look at each of these little elements that make up the SalesProxy dashboard.

Quick Overview

SalesProxy Overveiw

The Quick Overview panel displays the core metrics of the sales portal in the form of clickable cards. It shows you the number of new customers recorded for the day, the number of visits performed by your employees, and the number of employees on the field at any given time of the day.

Clicking on either card will show a popup of the data collected in a detailed excel sheet.

SalesProxy Overveiw

You can click on the eport icon to take an excel export of the data your team have collected.

Data Charts

SalesProxy Overveiw

SalesProxy's dashboard has interactive statistical charts, each of which displays data for a particular range.

New Customers

Any new customers added will automatically be mapped on this chart. You can always click on the above mentioned cards to get the info on these new customers.


A count of the total visits completed by your field teams is displayed here.

Map View

The map displays exactly where your employees are recording their responses from. You can even find the responses fixed to one side of the map for easier access and identification

Fieldproxy Dashboard

Hope this helps!

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