What can you see in the attendance dashboard?

Managing Your Employees' Timesheets Just Became A Whole Lot Easier

Imagine this - what if you had an attendance management solution for tracking all your employees, monitoring who was late when, who's been absent for a long time, and who's been one of the most punctual employees your team has ever had? Sounds too good to be true?

Here’s how Attendance Proxy can help you:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased control over employee activity
  • Greater focus

You can always read our article here to know why you need an attendance management system for your business, but here's the gist - Attendance Proxy solves your attendance and time tracking needs. Period.

What's In The Module?

Under the Attendance Module, we've packed a lot of data-driven services to optimize your time and tracking needs. Here's all that you'll be able to do with Attendance Proxy

  • Create teams and upload users to track their data
  • Download and maintain a
  • ttendance reports across any particular date range
  • View, sort and filter data records in real-time, with our interactive dashboard
  • Real-time location tracking, so you know no one's trying to pull through from under your feet.

Attendance Dashboard

The fixed attendance dashboard let's the manager view the Attendance, Leave Requests and Expenses submitted by his employees for the day. 

Chart view

It shows the no. of agents present, not present and on leave in a pie chart view as well as in a table view with detailed check-in and check-out.

Data Dump View

The data dump is basically a dump of the attendance data in a table view. You can filter them and view as per timeline, agent, team, etc.

How to download attendance data?

Downloading your team's attendance records is as easy as clicking a button. Literally.

  • Login to Fieldproxy
  • In the Dashboard view that appears, you can find the Attendance section, with the interactive charts and the curated table, filled with data from the current day.
  • Here, you can just filter the data as required, by simply click on various parts of the chart.
  • To download the attendance report that you've now customized, all you have to do is click on the little cloud icon on the top right corner of the Attendance section.
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And just like that, your attendance report is downloaded as a local copy.

Leave Approval

Managers have the option to approve/reject Leave requests placed by employees.

  • To see the Leave requests submitted, scroll down the attendance dashboard page.
  • You will be able to see all the requests submitted. The admin will be able to view the leave requests in the Attendance Dashboard, he can approve or disapprove the expense by simply clicking on the button.
  • Which will then allow the admin to cancel or confirm the request.

Expense Approval

Next to the leave requests is the Expenses submitted in the attendance dashboard.

Just like the attendance approval, the admin will be able to approve and disapprove expenses submitted.

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