Dashboard View

Dashboard helps you have a overview of all the task submissions done by the agents during their field visit in from the Fieldfproxy app.

1) Responses 


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In responses you will be able to see the attendance status of the agents as total number of present and absent. and Check-Ins made in the next column.


2) Map View

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You can filter and Customise Date, Workflow, Task, Teams and even particular users if you want to take the data of any of the above category.

The location navigation pointers will help you to the see the activity performed in the particular location.


3) Agent Metrics and Response Statistics 

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Here also Filter option is available.

Agent Metrics shows the number of responses submitted by agent, total time spent in the field and what team they belongs to.

Response Statistics shows like a bar-graph  according to the tasks created in the workflow. This helps to know how many users has submitted the response on a particular task by mentioning their locations too.


4) Workflow Metrics

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Workflow metrics will help you the see the responses submitted by the agents in their mobile phone according to the workflows created.

Here consolidated and separate workflow's metrics can be filtered and viewed.