General Views

What can you see on the Manager App?

The Manager App View is a mobile view of the Manager Web Portal. You can see all the the data that you were able to view in the Web Portal on a mobile screen on the go, without the hassle of having to login to the Web App every time you want to track your agents.

You can see the workflows, Dashboards, Responses of each workflow, Approve/Disapprove Leave Requests, Expenses, Location tracking page and so much more.

1. Workflows Page

You will be able to see all your active workflows here, just like the Web App but in the mobile view!

worflows page

2. Attendance Dashboard 

The Attendance Dashboard had two views - Chart view and Data dump.

Chart view is the cumulative view of the attendance submitted by your agents. It shows the realtime data of the list of field agents who have completed their attendance checkin for the day. Whereas the Data Dump is a summaryy report of the attendace for each of your agents. 


Attendance Dashboard

3.  Location Tracking Page

Just like in the Web App the Mobile App also has a location tracking page where you will be able to view the location and location history of all your active agents. We just made monitoring your agents much easier, now you can see the location of your agents anytime anywhere by just logging into your mobile app.

location tracking page

4. Teams

In the teams page you can see the list of all your users, your teams and your managers. You can also add users, edit/delete existing users, manage teams, add teams, add managers, edit the manager's permissions exactly like how you would in the Web App.


Teams page

5. Reports

The reports page displays all your active reports, you can check all your reports on a daily/weekly/monthly/custom range basis on your mobile app itself.

Reports page

Unfortunately you will not be able to access the responses, datasets or catalog sections on your mobile app. But you can use the Web app to view them.