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Location Tracking


My location tracking suddenly stopped, what do I do?

Your device might have killed Fieldproxy in the background, so active it back and tracking will synchronize. Refer to this link to optimize your settings to keep Fieldproxy running in the background https://dontkillmyapp.com/


How to turn of Fieldproxy location tracking?
In the Fieldproxy mobile home page, click the location button to turn on the tracking.


How to track location in background?
To track location in background, one has to modify the mobile settings to not kill the application. You can find your mobile settings in this link


Does location tracking drain my battery?
No, The Fieldproxy location tracking is optimized so it only drains 30% of battery in 8 hours of continuous usage.


How to turn off the location?
To turn off location, switch the Location tracking to off on the fieldproxy home screen.


How to get best tracking?

- Clear "Cache", kindly ask the user to perform this at least once a week

- Update the Application to the latest version https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fieldproxy.agent

- Ensure the App permissions are enabled at all time Location, Physical Activity & Battery Optimization.

- Turn OFF "Batter Optimization" for the application. Please refer to this link for device brand/model wise instructions. Don’t kill my app! | Hey Android vendors, don’t kill my app! (dontkillmyapp.com)

- Oppo users to turn OFF "Energy Saver"

- Do not keep many apps running along with Fieldproxy.

- Remove other apps from the “Recent used apps” tab.

- Don’t press back button when you exit Fieldproxy.

- Do not restrict Fieldproxy’s notification permission.

- Always keep Fieldproxy running in the background for best tracking.