How to add and manage "Managers" ?

Managers are the admins of the Web App, if you want your managers or supervisors to have access to the Web portal you can add them as "Manager" and control their permissions if required.

How to add "Manager"?

To navigate to the Managers section,

  • Click on the "Teams" page below "Datasets".
  • Then click on the Managers tab next to the Teams tab on the left top corner.
  • That should lead to the following page.
  • To add a manager click on the button on the top right corner of the page.
  • Then a form should pop up like so
  • Enter the email Id of the person you want to add as admin/manager, and click on the button under the "Enter email" column to add them.
  • They will receive an invite link through which they can login. Alternatively you can also access the invite link buy clicking on the under the email column.
  • The newly added manager can use the link and create his credentials and login. The link leads to a login page where your organization Id, organization email, manager email will be entered by default.
  • All that left to do is for the manager to add a few columns of info and create a password of his own and he should be all set to login and manage the teams under him.

    How to give/edit permissions?

    The main admin can control the permissions of the other managers/ admins under him. He can restrict his managers access, limit them to certain workflow or teams, etc.

    Once a manager has been added, after he has logged in it will reflect on the Web App.
    If the manager has logged in, it will automatically show in the managers page like so
  • To edit/restrict their permission, click on the  button under their name. That should lead to the following page

  • Click on the button on the top right corner of the page to edit their access.
  • You can edit the permission based on workflows, datasets and teams and restrict to view or edit as well. Simply tick or untick and save them to restrict.
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  • When you restrict the manager's access of a certain workflow, he won't be able to see any response or info related to that workflow depending upon on the view and edit access
  • When you restrict the permission of any teams, the managers won't be able to see/edit anything related to that team depending upon the view and edit access
  • When you restrict the permission of a dataset, the manager won't be able to see/edit the dataset based upon the view/edit access.

That it, you have set up admins as well. All that's left to do is delegate them their work.