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What are modules?

Building Blocks

At first Fieldproxy was this big superstore where everything and anything related to field sales could be done. Think Walmart-sized supermarket where everything is available!

Except the problem with something as big as Walmart is you can easily get lost trying to find something. That is why we've come up with simple building blocks that we like to call Modules

Modules are simply a piece of a puzzle that you can use to suit your needs. Why would you need an expense management and report builder if all you need is for your employees to be able to check in and check out with minimal effort.

Build your own unique app. Zero code needed!

Modules help by giving you exactly what you need. And if at any point of time you need an extra module added, you can always add one on top of the other. Easy as pie. Don;t worry if this all sounds alien to you, once you go through eahc module, you'll be able to put things together in a jiffy.

How Many Modules Does Fieldproxy Have?

Fieldproxy currently has two moduules under its belt - AttendanceProxy And SalesProxy

AttendanceProxy is a one-of-its-kind attendance monitoring and location tracking solution for field teams.

SalesProxy deals with sales tracking and management, agent metrics and geofencing.

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We're always working on building new modules and can't wait to share them with you. It's going to be a blast. If you want to stay updated on our new releases, sign up for your newletter. It's FREE