Automate your Field Opertions with Fieldproxy

Fieldproxy is your one-stop solution for everything related to automating your field sales teams. From attendance monitoring to expense tracking and real-time location notifications, automating your sales teams is as easy as counting to ten on your fingers.



There are two platforms within Fieldproxy :

1) a manger portal where either the business owner or the field team manager can add field users, view reports, setup field workflows automation and get a bird's eye view of their field activity

Go to the Manager Portal to set up your account right away!

Do note that we currently have two versions of a manger portal.

- The modules version where you have fixed modules which is also known as proxies. In this help doc, we have seperate section for the existing proxies - AttendanceProxy and SalesProxy

- The no-code app builder that helps you build these modules from scratch. You can check the custom workflows modules help doc for more info on building your own proxies.

Please do be aware of which of these two are required for your needs. In case you are not sure do reach out to us at support@fieldproxy.com

2) a field agent app where the agents can login and check the list of tasks and visits they have to do on a daily basis. The field agent app is the same irrespective of the which manager platform you use.