Scheduling Email Reports

How to schedule email reports?

Need reports to be emailed to you on a daily basis? We got you! Using the "Email Scheduler" feature in our reports section, you can schedule reports of a specific timeline to be emailed to you regularly. Now you don't have to login to the web app to see your reports, we will email them to you and you can just download directly from there. It's that simple!

To schedule auto trigger email,

  • Click on the 'Reports" Page
  • Click on the specific report you want to schedule email for
  • Once you're in the report page click on the button on the top right corner of the page.
  • Then the scheduler page should pop up
  • Fill in the Email Id you want to receive the report to, enter the subject and message as well. Select the time at which you want to receive the report daily and the report timeline as well (If you need that day's report, or the previous day's or the week's or even the month's).
  • Click on the button to schedule the email.
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    That's it! You can sit back and relax, we'll send the reports to you. 
    If there's any issues you're facing , we'd love to help you out. Just write to us here, and our team will get in touch as soon as possible.