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What are submodules?


Submodules are the workflows under each of our proxies. Submodules are basically smaller blocks of the building blocks that are modules. We have multiple submodules for you to choose from under both Attendance proxy and Sales proxy.

Attendance Proxy Submodules

1. Attendance

The attendance submodule has two has tasks under it - Check in and Check Out. It helps you track the attendance metrics of your agents - including in-times and out-times.

2. Leave Requests

The leave requests submodule helps your agents send in leave requests by simply submitting a response in the "Leave Request" task. The admin/manager you will be able to Approve/Disapprove the agents leave requests.

3. Expenses

The Expenses submodule helps you keep track of your agent's daily expenses, helping manage reimbursements easily. Similar to the leave requests submodule, the admin will be able to Approve/Disapprove the agent's submitted daily expenses.

Sales Proxy Submodules

1. Sales

The sales module is a basic sales template if you will, it has three tasks under it: -

  • Add New Customer - Records customer details
  • Check In - Records Customer place/Outlet Check In of your agent
  • Check Out - Records Customer place/Outlet Check out of your agent

This must seem very basic to you, that's why we had addons which may help you customize our proxy to better serve you. 

The next submodules under sales proxy are basically addons, which means they are not workflows like the attendance proxy modules i.e. Expenses, Leave Requests . Whereas these are addon tasks inside the sales workflow.

2. Sales Order

The Sales Order submodule is the "Place Order" task which records the order taken by the agent. This tasks comes after recording the customer details and checking in at the location of the customer.

This task has two questions one of which is the "Product Catalog" which displays a list of products from which your agent can choose both the product and the quantity when he is taking the sales order, he can also record any additional information in the remarks question if needed.

3.  Open Task

The open task is the "Checklist Completion" task which is completely customizable according to your needs. It's the final task in the flow, which means it comes after the check out task. So you can have your agents record any data you require them to, post check out.

This task like it's name is a checklist, where you can add questions to record whatever data you need to capture. It is completely customizable unlike the other submodules/tasks.

4. Stock In Store

The Stock In store task helps you record the inventory. For instance, say you're a FMCG supplier and you supply to certain outlets. Using the Stock In store task your agent will be able to record the left over stock of your product in the outlet after taking the sales. This gives you a better idea of how your product is moving in the market. But this is just one way to use it! depending upon you industry and need you can change the use of it.

Similar to the Sales Order task, The Stock In store task also has two questions. One catalog question to record the product and quantity in inventory and remarks to record any additional information.

5. Merchandise

Merchandise is a task where you can record the product placement of your product. Taking the same previous instance, you might wanna see the product placement of your product in the outlet compared to other competitor brands. That's where this task comes to play, Your agents will be able to record that by simply clicking pictures.

If your business does not require product placement pictures, you can change the question to whatever you wanna capture!

That about it when it comes to our current submodules. We are constantly adding more features and submodules, to know more about them and receive regular updates subscribe to our Newsletter !