How to create and manage teams?

If you had noticed the workflow link setting, you would have realized that the allocation setting allows you to allocate tasks to the "main user group" (all users) or specific teams. If you have multiple teams added to your organization, you can group them as different teams and allocate different tasks to them. 

To navigate to the teams section,

  • Click on the "Teams" page below "Datasets".
  • Then click on the Teams tab next to the Users tab on the left top corner.
  • That should lead to the following page.

The teams page displays the various teams and their member count at first glance, but if you click on the specific team page you will be able to see the details of the members of that team and edit them as well.

How to create Teams?

  • Once your on the Teams page, start by clicking on the button on  the right top corner of the page to create a team.
  • Then a form should pop up, fill in the team details first.
  • If you are adding existing users to the team, turn on "Import From Main Team". Then you can select from the list of users dropdown to add them to the team
  • If you are adding new users to the team, simply upload a file with new user Ids and passwords and it will automatically add them to the team as well as the main user group. Download the sample and use that format for upload.
  • Once you done with that, click on the button on the bottom left corner to add the team. Once you done you should see a pop like so.

    If you see this, it means that you're done creating your team! Now you're all set to manage you teams.