Uploading and Adding Users

How to Upload or Add users?

Adding your team to Fieldproxy is easy. It's quick, unbelievably simple, and only takes a few clicks.

There are two ways you can add users to your team - adding one user, or adding users in bulk. Let's take a look at both!

1. Adding one user

To manually add a user/employee to the team, just navigate to the "Teams" page and click on the "Add User" icon. 

Notice how a form slides into view? Use that form to fill out information about the employee/user you want to add to the team.

Click on the "Add User" button and voila, you're done!

We recommend using this whenever you want to quickly add an employee or two to the database. If you're looking to add employees in bulk, we recommend importing the data.

2. Adding in bulk

To add multiple users/employees to your team in one go, just follow the same procedure and navigate to the "Teams" page. Instead of clicking on the "Add User" icon, click on the "Import Users" cloud icon



In the form that slides in, you have an option to upload the employee data as a spreadsheet.

Choose the file you want to get the user data from. You can see a list of fields pop into view. Just map the column names from the default table to the column names in the spreadsheet, and click on "Add User".

You can click on Download Sample to get a sample template of the file that you can use to import the data.

There's no additional step. Just sit back and watch all your employee data get magically uploaded to your team database.

Hope this helps!

If there's any issues you face while adding users to your team, we'd love to help you out. Just write to us here, and our team will get in touch as soon as possible.