What are custom workflows?

The no-code builder

Fieldproxy is the best tool for getting your field teams optimized, automated, and ready to go. We have kept Fieldproxy extremely flexible, because we know each field team is different and we want to cater to every field team out there. There's a lot that's possible with Fieldproxy, and it only takes a few clicks here and there to set it all up.

There are various building blocks in Fieldproxy - which include workflows, tasks, datasets and datatypes - which will help you acheive your goal of automating your field operations. Over the next few articles we will help you understanding what these mean and how you can start creating your own workflows.  

In case you're stuck anytime during your journey of creating these workflows, you can drop us a line at support@fieldproxy.com or always come back to this space for help. So, ready to get started on your amazing journey with Fieldproxy?